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Our top priority is to do our best in keeping our customers and employees in a safe environment during COVID 19.

We are taking extra measures and setting up procedures to follow to ensure everyone the safety on our tours. 

The following procedures are being practiced:

  1. We are reducing customer participation during this time to allow plenty of space for social distance on our tours.
  2. We have marked the boat with signs for easier access on and off with designated seats to comply to social distancing.
  3. All Customers (2year old and above) are required to provide and wear face mask during the tour.
  4. We will request to take your temperature before boarding. Any customers with a temperature 100.4F (38C) or higher will be asked to stay at your designated lodging.
  5. Our kayak accommodates two passengers, only group travelers will be able to share the same Kayak. Single travelers will be not be sharing.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be provided for all our customers up on entering and exiting the boat.
  7. The boat will be disinfected high-touch areas by our staff prior to boarding including handrails, seats, life jackets and restroom surfaces.
  8. Our services may be modified to provide a safer tour program based on the government guidelines.

Our Indigo Ocean team

  1. Captain/Crews are required to monitor their temperature daily making sure that they are in good health. If the member displays any symptoms of illness they are required to stay home. 
  2. Captain/Crews are required to wear face masks at all times during the tour.
  3. Captain/Crews are required to wash and sanitize their hands regularly.
  4. Captain/Crews will sanitize all gears/equipment and high traffic area between each tour.

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