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09/11 West side is the best seunset!

Aloha, West side will be the best side to see the Hawaiian sunset! Every SAT and SUN  start 5:30pm for 2 hours cruise. It is BYOB. You will love it what you will see ... Mahalo, Julie  

Published 1 month ago

    We have been canceled for swimming until June 30th but swim will start on July 1st !!  Along with that the schedule has changed ! 1st morning tour : Dolphin/turtle swim snorkeling for  4 hours 2nd afternoon tour : Turtle swim snorkeing  for 2.5 hours  From small child to adults can enjoy snorkeling together! I am looking forward to see you !! Julie

Published 4 months ago

2020.06.10 NEWS!

Aloha, We have stopped all swim programs due to covid-19., Finally we will back to regular schedule on July 1st. We will swim with the dolphins and turtles and more...!! Let's adventuring together!! Julie

Published 4 months ago


  Our top priority is to do our best in keeping our customers and employees in a safe environment during COVID 19. We are taking extra measures and setting up procedures to follow to ensure everyone the safety on our tours.  The following procedures are being practiced: We are reducing customer participation during this time to allow plenty of space for social distance on our tours. We have marked the boat with signs for easier access on and off with…

Published 5 months ago

2020.05.18 First tour !

Aloha, We had a first sunset tour last weekend! It was great time that friends and family spend a time together on the boat and seeing beautiful sunset. I am very recommended!  I love this tour! Julie

Published 5 months ago

2020.05.18 Captain Nicole

Aloha, We have a new captain, Her name is Nicole! She was born in Kauai and raised Oahu island as native Hawaiian girl.  She is crew of Hokulea witch Hawaiian traditional boat sails only by stars.

Published 5 months ago
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