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Mangrove Kayaking

Hop on our incredibly beautiful, clear kayak tour and you will glide along the surface where you can enjoy Hawaii’s picturesque ocean from close up. Paddle through the shallow reefs lined with beautiful mangroves while exploring the beach of an uninhabited island.
Let the pure white sands tickle your feet as you stroll along the beach and feel like you are on a deserted island!
Enjoy Hawaii’s bountiful ocean and natural landscape in an all-in- one package and experience memories and the true feeling of Aloha that will last a lifetime!

  • Tour Time 2.0 hours
    + shuttle from/to hotels
  • Minimum Participants 4 people


  • Adults $120
  • Children (8-12) $100
  • Shuttle from Waikiki p/p Free
  • This is the only tour that you can see mangroves in Hawaii! (Hawaii first)
  • You can wnjoy the whole underwater from the clear kayak!
  • A private white sand beach on a deserted island! (Landing Permission Obtained)
  • The tour is operated in a small group of up to 10 people, so it is safe and secure with good supports!

Tour Schedules

1st Wave

AM 6:55 Ala Moana Hotel
AM 7:00 Ilikai
AM 7:05 Trump International
AM 7:10 Ritz Carlton
AM 7:15 DFS
AM 7:25 Hyatt Regency
AM 7:30 Waikiki Beach Marriott

AM 8:00 arrival to the harbor
AM 8:30 boarding and sailing
AM 10:30 return to the harbor
AM 11:00 leaving harbor
PM 11:30-12:00 drop off at Waikiki hotels

2nd Wave

PM 12:25 Ala Moana Hotel
PM 12:30 Ilikai
PM 12:35 Trump International
PM 12:40 Ritz Carlton
PM 12:45 DFS
PM 12:55 Hyatt Regency
PM 1:00 Waikiki Beach Marriott

PM 1:30 arrival to the harbor
PM 2:00 boarding and sailing

PM 4:00 return to the harbor
PM 4:30 leaving the harbor

PM 5:00-5:30 drop off to Waikiki hotels

This tour includes

  • shuttle service from/to designated hotels 
  • life-vests
  • light snack, drink, water
  • souvenir (from your journey)

* Reef boots can be rented for an additional $10.

Things to bring

  • Swimming gear
    (Please wear a swimming suit under your clothes.)
  • towels
  • sun screen (Eco friendly)
  • hat

* You may NOT leave behind your personal belongings on the shuttle bus during the tour, so please only what is necessary and only to bring on a boat.

Special Price

 KAMA’AINA (Only Local Resident) 20% OFF / US Military 10% OFF
You must provide a valid government-issued photo ID at the time of booking.

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