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    We have been canceled for swimming until June 30th but swim will start on July 1st !!  Along with that the schedule has changed ! 1st morning tour : Dolphin/turtle swim snorkeling for  4 hours 2nd afternoon tour : Turtle swim snorkeing  for 2.5 hours  From small child to adults can enjoy snorkeling together! I am looking forward to see you !! Julie

Published 1 month ago

2020.06.10 NEWS!

Aloha, We have stopped all swim programs due to covid-19., Finally we will back to regular schedule on July 1st. We will swim with the dolphins and turtles and more...!! Let's adventuring together!! Julie

Published 2 months ago

2020.05.18 Captain Nicole

Aloha, We have a new captain, Her name is Nicole! She was born in Kauai and raised Oahu island as native Hawaiian girl.  She is crew of Hokulea witch Hawaiian traditional boat sails only by stars.

Published 2 months ago

2021.04.16 Captain JB

Aloha, Introduce our  Boat Captain JB He is born and raised in Waianae, is also a Pro Body board surfer in World competitions also a  great diver he is very knowlegeable in marine life WE CALL HIM AQUAMAN !!

Published 4 months ago

2021.04.06 Father and Daugther

Aloha, Father and daughter. It will be a precious time do something together especially when child is small. A child grow up so fast,  so let' spend  every moment with your loves. Julie

Published 4 months ago

2021.04.04 Don’t forget ALOHA!

Aloha, He is Noah born and raised in Oahu. He is ocean boy!! Today, I told him Dolphin has ears, so Don't forget to say aloha, They will hear your voice.   He understand deeply... and he said Aloha many time to the dolphins. I am sure they heard his aloha, becouse dolphins were staying with our boat long time, it seems like playing with us.  I am happy to see him smailing all the time ! Mahalo, Julie

Published 4 months ago

2021.03.31 SPRING BREAK!

Aloha, I am happy many Keiks came on the boat! Most of them was first time to see a wild animals , and some fathers too !! A tour that everyone can enjoy together, no matter of age, adults and children are happy and smiling !! And i am thankful to all animas to come see us today!  Mahalo to all of today! Julie

Published 4 months ago

2021.03.28 Liilte Captani!

Aloha, This is Julie. I am sure all boys love a car, bike,  boat,,, all kind of ride. His name is David (6) who was looking at Captain JB all of the time...  So I asked him Do you wanna try ?  at first He was like No...No.... I am ok,,,,, so shy. later on, He jumped on the captain seat and he love it! and showing a big smile!!  The smile of Keiki (Child) is very pure and nice.…

Published 4 months ago

A’o Hawaii Tour has started!!

Aloha, We are very happy to have a first tour!  We saw spinner dolphins, over 100 spotted dolphins (very rare!), humpack whales, and Green sea turtles!! Everything was amazing !!  I am glad to see our guests are smilling!!  Mahalo.  

Published 4 months ago
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