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11/10 Coming soon!

Aloha! You know, Hawaii is not always summer! During winter is not warm acutauly....  Maybe it still warm for you... ? But In the winter something will make you excited! So Humpback whales come to Hawaii to give birth to a baby!! They spend the summer in Alaska and travel to Hawaii for 55 days! The other day, I got information on two humpback wales sighting on the west cost of Oahu island! I haven't see them with my eyes…

Published 3 years ago

09/11 West side is the best seunset!

Aloha, West side will be the best side to see the Hawaiian sunset! Every SAT and SUN  start 5:30pm for 2 hours cruise. It is BYOB. You will love it what you will see ... Mahalo, Julie  

Published 3 years ago

2020.05.18 First tour !

Aloha, We had a first sunset tour last weekend! It was great time that friends and family spend a time together on the boat and seeing beautiful sunset. I am very recommended!  I love this tour! Julie

Published 3 years ago

Lā Hawaii Tour is Ready!

I would like to introduce other tour ! Lā Hawaii Tour Sunset Cruise! Lā means the SUN in Hawaiian.  Hawaii is an island with a very beautiful sunset, When i first saw the sunset on the West side, I thought it was the best sunset in the wold. I definitely want you to see "THAT SUNSET" that I fell in love.  I very recommend this tour! Julie

Published 3 years ago
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