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Viator Experience Award winner for 2023

Indigo Ocean Hawaii has been recognized as a Viator Experience Award winner for 2023. Indigo Ocean Hawaii began its adventure in 2021, a challenging time for the travel industry, and in just two years has distinguished itself to travelers and provided them with an amazing experience. We at Indigo Ocean Hawaii are honored to receive the prestigious Viator Experience Award for our catamaran dolphin snorkeling cruise. This is a truly significant accomplishment for us and we could not be more…

Published 9 months ago

Winter whale watching

Whale watching starts from December 15, 2021. Winter whale watching season begins! Every winter the humpback whales travel thousands of miles from Northern Pacific Ocean to the warm Hawaiian waters to breed and give birth to new calves. It is believed that half of humpback whales in the Northern Pacific comes to the Hawaiian Island. Join us on our spacious catamaran boat to spot the majestic koholas’ playfully surfing, tail slapping and blowing spout in the air as you cruise…

Published 3 years ago

12/15 Shark tour !

Aloha! This is Sandbar shark! she? he ? came really close to us when we are swimming with dolphins... but it was not scared. She/He just like cruising around and check us out. It was wonderful exprience ever!  Dolphin and shark tour got together! how lucky we are hahaha. we never know what we can see everyday is fresh tour! Its not easy yo swim with wild animals but you will have a great exprience for sure! Julie

Published 3 years ago

11/10 Coming soon!

Aloha! You know, Hawaii is not always summer! During winter is not warm acutauly....  Maybe it still warm for you... ? But In the winter something will make you excited! So Humpback whales come to Hawaii to give birth to a baby!! They spend the summer in Alaska and travel to Hawaii for 55 days! The other day, I got information on two humpback wales sighting on the west cost of Oahu island! I haven't see them with my eyes…

Published 3 years ago

11/08 New rules

Aloha, Since Oct 28, 2021 Approaching to Spinner dolphins 50 yards is prohibited in Hawaii. We don't want to change our concept of Indigo Ocean Hawaii,  Interacting, feeling, learning and study about Hawaiinei (Nature) after the new rules. We are trying to swim with other wild dolphins such as spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins and more.... to be honest, I have been dealing with spinner dolphins for many many years, i am not sure about these two dolphins, but i…

Published 3 years ago

11/03 New rules for Hawaiian Wild Creatures

Aloha, We would like to inform you about the new regulations of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Starting October 28, 2021 regulations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act banned the 50-yard approach to spinner dolphins. Therefore, you can watch and swim from 50 yards away for hawaiian spinner dolphins, but you can swim as usual for other hawaiian spotted dolphins, hawaiian bottlenose dolphins and another wild creatures. There is no particular change in the content of our tour, but dolphins…

Published 3 years ago

10/29 Supah Kamaaina!

Aloha, I have a good news! Supah Kamaaina is back!! If you are interested of our tour, Please DM us! Julie

Published 3 years ago

09/11 West side is the best seunset!

Aloha, West side will be the best side to see the Hawaiian sunset! Every SAT and SUN  start 5:30pm for 2 hours cruise. It is BYOB. You will love it what you will see ... Mahalo, Julie  

Published 3 years ago
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